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Bohem, Hilda

Published Articles

Lewis Carroll at the University of CaliforniaOAJabberwocky, Issue 413-15
Jabberwocky, published by Bookhaven PressBRJabberwocky, Issue 75
About the pronunciation of 'wabe'LEJabberwocky, Issue 1027
A.L. Burt's First Edition of Alice
By Byron W. Sewell, Hilda Bohem and Alice Berkey
OAJabberwocky, Issue 5312-14
The First Edition of Through the Looking-GlassOAJabberwocky, Issue 6087-95
Now Hear This or A Few Words About 'The Walrus and the Carpenter'OAJabberwocky, Issue 6914-16
Now Hear This - A Continuing CorrespondenceLEJabberwocky, Issue 7242

OA = Original Article. BR = Book Review. LE = Letter.

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