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The Brothers and Sisters of Charles L. Dodgson revealed in their letters: some previously unpublished correspondence

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  • 'Carroll's 4th Cousin Twice Removed' (letter) by Ruth Berman, The Carrollian, issue 20
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 1839-54
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Correspondence with G.F.Stout, the Editor of MindOAThe Carrollian, Issue 289-13
A Special Appeal on Behalf of Future ResearchOAJabberwocky, Issue 23-5
A Sermon Preached at Christ-Church, Dublin, on the 12th of June, 1768. Originally preached by Lewis Carroll's great-grandfatherRAJabberwocky, Issue 1020-26
Lewis Carroll's Last Pocket NotebookOAJabberwocky, Issue 141
Examination ReportOAJabberwocky, Issue 2528-29
Circular to Mathematical FriendsRDJabberwocky, Issue 337-8
On Catching ColdRDJabberwocky, Issue 4642-45
A Letter to an Unknown RecipientOAJabberwocky, Issue 52103
Charade (Addressed to a Child, and Made on her Name.)RDJabberwocky, Issue 6917-18
A Tribute to The Lewis Carroll SocietyOAJabberwocky, Issue 8868

OA = Original Article. RD = Reprinted Document. RA = Reprinted Article.

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