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Heath, Peter

Published Articles

Alice and the PhilosophersTMJabberwocky, Issue 203-8
A response to the reviews of The Philosopher's Alice (Jabberwocky Autumn 1974) and Play Games, and Sport (Jabberwocky Winter 1975)LEJabberwocky, Issue 2378
Alician ParodiesOAJabberwocky, Issue 5968-77
A Check List of parodies of AliceOAJabberwocky, Issue 5978-84
Textual errors in the United States Book Company edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (with reference to the article by Byron Sewell in Jabberwocky Summer 1982)LEJabberwocky, Issue 7246

OA = Original Article. TM = Transcript of Meeting. LE = Letter.

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