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Imholtz, August A.

Published Articles

A Preliminary Note on Lewis Carroll in Notes and QueriesOAThe Carrollian, Issue 337-45
A Hailebury 'Jabberwocky' - The First Latin TranslationOAThe Carrollian, Issue 1067-61
Lewis Carroll in MindOAThe Carrollian, Issue 1222-35
Alice on Stage II: An Initial Supplement to the Lovett Checklist

See Also:

  • 'Alice on Stage III: Another Supplement to the Lovett Checklist' by Edward Wakeling, The Carrollian, issue 16
  • 'Alice on Stage IV: The Lord Chamberlain's Plays' by Clare Imholtz and August A. Imholtz, The Carrollian, issue 20
BNThe Carrollian, Issue 1462
Alice on Stage IV: The Lord Chamberlain's Plays
(Further bibliographical notes following on from 'Alice on Stage II' by August A. Imholtz, The Carrollian issue 14 and 'Alice on Stage III' by Edward Wakeling The Carrollian issue 16)
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 2018-37
Femina dux facti - A footnote on a newly discovered Dodgson query in Notes & Queries: Its answers and antecedents

See Also:

  • "Authors of Epigrams Wanted": An unrecorded Lewis Carroll contribution to a periodical by Amirouche Moktefi in The Carrollian, issue 20
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 2344-47
Alice on Stage - VOAThe Carrollian, Issue 2456-64
Further comments arising from Selwyn H. Goodacre's article 'Alice's Brother's Latin Grammar', Jabberwocky Spring 1975LEJabberwocky, Issue 3059-60
Jam Sempiterne: A Note on Time in Through the Looking-GlassOAJabberwocky, Issue 3713-15
Two parodies of 'Jabberwocky' reprinted from Truth magazine 1883LEJabberwocky, Issue 4526-27
Lewis Carroll and Max MüllerOAJabberwocky, Issue 4771-74
The Caucus-Race in Alice in Wonderland: A Very Drying ExcerciseOAJabberwocky, Issue 4883-88
Lewis Carroll: A Modern HermippusOAJabberwocky, Issue 5445-47
Russian translations of the Alice booksLEJabberwocky, Issue 5448
'The Owl and the Panther' - Lewis Carroll's Parody of Edward Lear's 'The Owl and the Pussy Cat'OAJabberwocky, Issue 5562-65
The origin of flying pigsLEJabberwocky, Issue 60104
Further comments on 'Tis the voice of the Lobster' as a parody of Edward Lear's 'The Owl and the Pussycat' with reference to Myra C. Livingston's letter in Jabberwocky Winter 1984/85 and August A. Imholtz, Jr.'s article in Jabberwocky Summer 1983LEJabberwocky, Issue 6652-54
The Garland of Rachel: Lewis Carroll's Verses and their Latin TranslationOAJabberwocky, Issue 6844-50
Corrections to August Imholtz's article in Jabberwocky Summer/Autumn 1987LEJabberwocky, Issue 7323
King's Cross LossOAJabberwocky, Issue 7722-23
An Overlooked Latin Version of the 'Duchess Song'OAJabberwocky, Issue 8514-16
A Note on the American Version of An Index to In MemoriamOAJabberwocky, Issue 8746-47
Carroll's Losses of Consciousness: A New Theory ExaminedOAJabberwocky, Issue 90100-111

BN = Bibliographical Notes. OA = Original Article. LE = Letter.

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