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Shaberman, Raphael B.

Published Articles

The Strawberry VaseOAJabberwocky, Issue 618-19,22
Lewis Carroll and the Society for Psychical ResearchOAJabberwocky, Issue 114-7
'Christmas Greeting' as described in Under the Quizzing GlassLEJabberwocky, Issue 1229
Bindings of early Alice translationsLEJabberwocky, Issue 2241-42
Lewis Carroll and George MacDonaldOAJabberwocky, Issue 2767-88
Fairy Chess - references to A.S.M. Dickens' article in Jabberwocky Winter 1976LEJabberwocky, Issue 2795-97
Further references to Lewis Carroll's 'The Dear Gazelle' and points relating to A.S.M. Dicken's article on fairy chess (Jabberwocky Summer 1976)LEJabberwocky, Issue 28132
One to Fetch: A Snarkian SpeculationOAJabberwocky, Issue 3319-21
Towards the 61st Thousand of Through the Looking-GlassOAJabberwocky, Issue 3443-46
Consideration of Intangible FactorsOAJabberwocky, Issue 3564-65
Bruno in Kensington GardensOAJabberwocky, Issue 5712-13
Bruno's FableOAJabberwocky, Issue 60101-103
E. Gertrude Thomson (1850-1929) An Annotated Check-ListOAJabberwocky, Issue 8087-90
Further information about E. Gertrude Thomson with reference to Raphael Shaberman's article in Jabberwocky Autumn 1992LEJabberwocky, Issue 8119

OA = Original Article. LE = Letter.

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