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Shaw, John M.

Published Articles

Who Wrote 'Speak Gently'OAJabberwocky, Issue 1113-20
Response to Selwyn Goodacre's article 'In Search of Alice's Brother's Latin Grammar' (Jabberwocky Spring 1975)
By John M. Shaw, F.E. Dixon, William B. Thompson
LEJabberwocky, Issue 24121-122
Notes and corrections - The Nursery 'Alice' bibliography (Jabberwocky Autumn 1975); Pitman Shorthand Alice (Jabberwocky, Winter 1975)
By Peter Collingwood, John M. Shaw, Selwyn H. Goodacre
EDJabberwocky, Issue 2664

OA = Original Article. ED = Editorial. LE = Letter.

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