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The Carrollian, Issue 3

Table of Contents


C.L. Dodgson at Christ Church

J.F.A. MasonOA3-18

Still She Haunts Me, Phantomwise: Gendering Alice

Jacqueline LabbéOA19-29

Charles L Dodgson's Version of Pari-Mutuel Betting

Francine F.OA30-36

A Preliminary Note on Lewis Carroll in Notes and Queries

August A. Imholtz, JnrOA37-45

Alice Illustrated by Harry Furniss

Selwyn H. Goodacre and Edward WakelingOA46-50

The Two Alice Stories: A Historical Survey of the Translations into Japanese

Sho HaraOA51-54

A Child Friend Speaks: an Interview with Dorothy Burch

Sarah StanfieldOA55-58

Two Interesting and Enigmatic Topics

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Fernando J. SotoLE59-60

Mixing up a Dormouse with a Dormeuse

John DochertyLE60

OA = Original Article. LE = Letter.

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