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The Carrollian, Issue 11

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Let's consider who it was that dreamed it all: Looking Through The Refracted Glass of Narrative at Authorship and Authority in Lewis Carroll's Alice Books

Brian GibsonOA3-22

Tenniel, Alice and the Pope

David LockwoodOA23-30

Hiawatha's Supplementing
(Addenda to the article 'Hiawatha's Annotating', The Carrollian, issue 10)

See Also:

  • 'Hiawatha's Supplementing - II' by Matthew Demakos, The Carrollian, issue 12
Matthew DemakosOA31-35

The Polish Translations of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass

Danuta Radomska-FilipekOA36-50

Alice as Fairytale and Non-Fairytale

See Also:

  • 'The Categorisation of Fairy Tales' by Alan White, The Carrollian, issue 12
Ruth BermanOA51-62

Isa and buffalo
(A response to 'And chase the buffalo' by Will Brooker, The Carrollian, issue 10)

Stephen MartinLE63

OA = Original Article. LE = Letter.

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