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The Carrollian, Issue 15

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Mark RichardsED2

C.L. Dodgson's Childhood Playmate and Lifelong Friend: Thomas Vere Bayne

John MasonOA3-14

The Workwoman's Guide to 'The Working Man's Cap'

Jeffrey Stern and Edward WakelingOA15-17

Accountably and Unaccountably Shy - Part 2

Matthew DemakosOA18-33

Second Marriages: Second Thoughts

Anne Clark Amor and Michael O'ConnorOA34-48

'Seduced by the Instigation of the Devil' - Great Uncle Henry has a Very Bad Day

Marion EdwardsOA49-55

An American edition of the 1924 Williams bibliography

See Also:

Selwyn GoodacreBN56-57

John Docherty's 'A Christmas Carroll'
(A response to 'A Christmas Carroll' by John Docherty, The Carrollian, issue 14)

Michael O'ConnorLE58

The Cut Pages in Lewis Carroll's Diaries

Will BrookerLE58-60

Keith Wright's 'The Dodgson Ancestry'
(A response to 'The Dodgson Ancestry' by Keith Wright, The Carrollian, issue 13)

Edward WakelingLE60-62

'Lewis Carroll as Romantic Hero' - Thackeray's From An Island
(A response to previous letters to the editor from Keith Wright (issue 13), Matthew Demakos (issue 14), Martin Gardner (issue 13) regarding 'Lewis Carroll as Romantic Hero' - Thackeray's From An Island by Karoline Leach, The Carrollian, issue 12)

Karoline LeachLE62-64

BN = Bibliographical Notes. OA = Original Article. ED = Editorial. LE = Letter.

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