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The Carrollian, Issue 20

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Alice in Tertius Orbis: A Borges Angle on Carroll's Constructs

See Also:

  • The Borgian Interpretation of the Alice Books (letter) by John Docherty, The Carrollian, issue 21
Chloe NicholsOA3-10

Who was Baxter, the Oxford Printer?

Edward WakelingOA11-13

Lewis Carroll's Most Valuable Book

Jeffrey SternOA14-17

Alice on Stage IV: The Lord Chamberlain's Plays
(Further bibliographical notes following on from 'Alice on Stage II' by August A. Imholtz, The Carrollian issue 14 and 'Alice on Stage III' by Edward Wakeling The Carrollian issue 16)

Clare Imholtz and August A. Imholtz Jr.OA18-37

Carroll, Cotton and Colonization: The Source for The Hunting of the Snark

John WingOA38-42

Authors of Epigrams Wanted: An unrecorded Lewis Carroll contribution to a periodical

See Also:

  • Femina dux facti - A footnote on a newly discovered Dodgson query in Notes & Queries: Its answers and antecedents by August A. Imholtz, Jr. in The Carrollian, issue 23
Amirouche MoktefiOA43-44

Isa Bowman's The Story of Lewis Carroll

Selwyn GoodacreBN45-46

Pictures or Conversations

Selwyn GoodacreBN46

Carroll's 4th Cousin Twice Removed
(A response to 'The Brothers and Sisters of Charles L. Dodgson revealed in their letters' by Francis Dodgson and Edward Wakeling, The Carrollian, issue 18)

Ruth BermanLE47

Irish Apples

Alan WhiteLE47-48

BN = Bibliographical Notes. OA = Original Article. LE = Letter.

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