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The Carrollian, Issue 22

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Mark RichardsED2

The Textual Alterations for the 4th Edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 1867/1868

Selwyn GoodacreOA3-7

The Textual Alterations for the 5th Edition of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, 1868

Selwyn GoodacreOA8-11

Lewis Carroll's Alterations for the 1897 6s. Edition of Through the Looking-Glass

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  • Correction to an Article in The Carrollian by Selwyn Goodacre in The Carrollian>/i>, issue 23
Selwyn GoodacreOA11-24

A note on Savile Clarke's Alice in Wonderland: A Dream Play for Children, including a newly identified third edition

Jon LindsethOA25-30

Macmillan's Ledura Bindings with Transmatic Dust Jackets

Alan Tannenbaum and Selwyn GoodacreOA31-34

The Kate Freiligrath-Kroeker Alice Plays: Additional Bibliographical Information

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  • The Kate Freiligrath-Kroeker Alice Plays, 1880 and 1882 by Selwyn Goodacre in The Carrollian, issue 12
Clare Imholtz and Alan TannenbaumOA35-37

Addenda to Recent Bibliographical Notes in The Carrollian
Harry Furniss's Alice Illustrations
Collingeoood's Life and Letters
Isa Bowman's The Story of Lewis Carroll

Clare Imholtz and Alan TannenbaumBN38-39

BN = Bibliographical Notes. OA = Original Article. ED = Editorial.

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