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The Carrollian, Issue 35 & 36

Table of Contents


Looking-Glass vs Wonderland: A Carrollian Contention

Brian SibleyOA5

Through the Looking-Glass: The Supreme Sequel

Selwyn GoodacreOA15

The Illustration Plan from Through the Looking-Glass

Edward WakelingOA21

Chess and Lewis Carroll

Roger ScowenOA34

The Garden of Live Flowers

Rosie EtheridgeOA42

Shopping Around for the (Woolly and Watery) Facts: ‘Alice’s Shop’

Mark DaviesOA45

Which Came First: The Siege Gun or the Egg? Notes on the Career of Humpty Dumpty

Richard CassOA55

‘Isle of Man is the True Explanation’ – Or is it? Remarks on ‘manxome’

Matthew PiresOA65

Lewis Carroll in Russia: Reflections in Time

Alexander MozhaevOA81

Carroll’s Adventures in Cheltenham

Sue RowbothamOA90

Alice in the Glassworld: Carroll’s Unconventional Fairy Tale Heroine Escaping the Frame

Francesca ArnavasOA102

Mirror Phenomena: A Neurologists Perspective

AJ LarnerOA113

Looking-Glass Snails: from Molecules to Crystals and Snails

Reiko KurodaOA119

You Too, ... Through the Looking-Glass! Dependent Upon Oscillations and Wavelength, Human Beings as Time-Space Machines to Wonderlands

Robert B CronkhiteOA132

Alice, Kitty and Biochemistry

Michael JewessLE137

Encouragement from an Obituary

Richard KopleyLE137

Looking-Glass World

The WalrusLE137

OA = Original Article. LE = Letter.

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