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Jabberwocky, Issue 24

Table of Contents




Alice for the Little Ones

Denis CrutchOA87-89

An Alice for Today's Nursery?

Mary CrutchOA90-91

The Nursery 'Alice' Illustrations

Brian SibleyOA92-95

E. Gertrude Thomson. Illustrator. 1850-1929

John N.S. DavisOA96-99

The Nursery 'Alice'- A Bibliographical Essay

Selwyn H. GoodacreOA100-120

Response to Selwyn Goodacre's article 'In Search of Alice's Brother's Latin Grammar' (Jabberwocky Spring 1975)

John M. Shaw, F.E. Dixon, William B. ThompsonLE121-122

Response to Denis Crutch's article 'A note on editions of Alice in the Readers Library Series' (Jabberwocky Spring 1975)

Selwyn H. GoodacreLE122

Issue concerning the title of the Society's journal and its frequency

Edward GuilianoLE123

Notes and Corrections: additions, comments and corrections to the 'Bibliography of Sylvie and Bruno' (Jabberwocky Summer 1975)

Denis CrutchED124

OA = Original Article. ED = Editorial. LE = Letter.

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