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Jabberwocky, Issue 33

Table of Contents



Selwyn H. GoodacreED2

The Mathematical Scholarship of Charles L. Dodgson

Edward WakelingOA3-6

Circular to Mathematical Friends

Charles L. DodgsonRD7-8

An Assessment of General List of Subjects (1863) and A Guide to the Mathematical Student in Reading, Reviewing, and Working Examples, Part I: Pure Mathematics (1864)

Edward WakelingOA9-18

One to Fetch: A Snarkian Speculation

Raphael B. ShabermanOA19-21

Alice's Adventures in Wonderland - a new musical adaptation by John Wells (BBC Radio)

Peter F. WalkerBR22-26

Lewis Carroll's writing desk at St. Mary's Hospital, Paddington

A. LeonardLE27

Bibliographical points about A Tangled Tale with reference to Selwyn Goodacre's article in Jabberwocky Winter 1975

Denis CrutchLE27

Bibliographical points about the 'Appleton Alice'

Jeffrey SternLE28

Errata in Jabberwocky, Summer 1977 and Jabberwocky Autumn 1977


ER = Exhibition Review. OA = Original Article. ED = Editorial. BR = Book Review. LE = Letter. RD = Reprinted Document.

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