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Jabberwocky, Issue 41

Table of Contents



Selwyn H. GoodacreED2

Reprinted reviews of Alice's Adventures in Wonderland, first published in 1865


Lewis Carroll: A Biography by Anne Clark

Selwyn H. GoodacreBR9-12

Lewis Carroll's Photographs of Nude Children, with an introduction by Morton N. Cohen

Florence Becker LennonBR13-14

Lewis Carroll, Studiem Zum Literischen Unsinn, by Klaus Reichert

Horst MüggenbergBR15-17

The Russian Journal - II, edited with introduction and noted by Morton N. Cohen

Anne ClarkBR18-19

Further comments on the mathematical problem reproduced in D. Martin Dakin's article in Jabberwocky Spring 1978

David A. JoyLE20-21

A correction to Edward Wakeling's article on Mathematics in Jabberwocky Winter 1978/79

Mark R. RichardsLE21

Further thoughts on the movement of the White Queen, with reference to A.L. Taylor's article in Jabberwocky Autumn 1979

Tony EdwardsLE22

Minor point about the words of 'Speak Gently' in the Fellowship Hymn Book with reference to A. Leonard's article in Jabberwocky Spring 1978

Alfreda BlanchardNQ23

'Popular Songs' sung by Lady Muriel in Sylvie and Bruno

M.A. BaxterNQ23

An advertisement for the poem 'Solitude' which is possibly the first printed occurrence of Lewis Carroll's nom de plume

Jeffrey SternNQ23-24

ED = Editorial. BR = Book Review. RR = Other Material. NQ = Notes and Queries. LE = Letter.

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