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Jabberwocky, Issue 69

Table of Contents



Selwyn H. GoodacreED2

The Textual Alterations to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland 1866-1867

Selwyn H. GoodacreOA3-7

Are Some Pigs Pink? Geach on Carroll

George EnglebretsenOA8-10

Further Findings About the Number Forty Two

Edward WakelingOA11-13

Now Hear This or A Few Words About 'The Walrus and the Carpenter'

Hilda BohemOA14-16

Charade (Addressed to a Child, and Made on her Name.)

Lewis CarrollRD17-18

A Puzzle Solved

Morton N. CohenOA19

Feeding the Mind

Selwyn H. GoodacreNQ20

OA = Original Article. ED = Editorial. NQ = Notes and Queries. RD = Reprinted Document.

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