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Topic: Critical Analysis

Published Articles

Sister Alice and The Brothers Grimm
By Björn Sundmark
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 218-27
Still She Haunts Me, Phantomwise: Gendering Alice
By Jacqueline Labbé
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 319-29
Phantasmagoria: Lewis Carroll and the Victorian Ghost Story
By Ivor Davies
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 83-8
Queen Victoria's Croquet Ground
By Ivor Davies
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 910-18
Anodos and Kathodos in Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
By John Docherty
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 943-53
Further Glimpses 'Through the Looking-Glass'
By Simon Nicholls
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 103-9
Let's consider who it was that dreamed it all: Looking Through The Refracted Glass of Narrative at Authorship and Authority in Lewis Carroll's Alice Books
By Brian Gibson
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 113-22
Feminine Images in the Alice Books
By Mary Cadogan
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 1245-58
Enlightening Alice
By John Sherry
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 1349-51
Lewis Carroll, H.G. Wells and Scientific Wonderland
By Cristopher Hollingsworth
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 1825-38
The Gates of Paradise: William Blake's Emblem Book, For Children and Alice's Adventures in Wonderland
By John Docherty
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 193-18
Harry Potter Through the Looking-Glass: Wordplay and Language in the Works of Lewis Carroll and J.K. Rowling
By Elena Anastasaki
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 1919-31
Alice in Tertius Orbis: A Borges Angle on Carroll's Constructs
By Chloe Nichols

See Also:

  • The Borgian Interpretation of the Alice Books (letter) by John Docherty, The Carrollian, issue 21
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 203-10
Sense and Nonsense in the Alice Stories
By Gordon M. Poole
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 213-16
Between Nonsense and Reality in the Alice Texts
By Matthew Oakes Berger
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 2117-24
The Beauties of Fortuity: Victorian Photography, Carrollian Narrative, and Modern Collage
By Cristopher Hollingsworth
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 2125-40
A Reading of the Alice Books as Seen from a Feministic Viewpoint
By Toyomi Hayashi
OAJabberwocky, Issue 9063-90
Alice and the Transactional Analysis
By Luiza Carol (Hermina Zilberman)
OAJabberwocky, Issue 9091-99

OA = Original Article.

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