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Topic: Logic

Published Articles

A Presentation Copy of Lewis Carroll's Symbolic Logic
By David Lansley
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 262-63
Dodgson's Methods of Solving Sorites Problems: An Investigation and a Newly Discovered Process
By Mark R. Richards
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 635-40
The dodo and the DO: Lewis Carroll and the Dictum de Omni
By George Englebretsen
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 2529-37
Introduction (to 'What the Tortoise Said to Achilles' special issue)
By Francine F. Abeles and Amirouche Moktefi
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 282-5
What the Tortoise Said to Achilles
By Lewis Carroll
RDThe Carrollian, Issue 286-8
Correspondence with G.F.Stout, the Editor of Mind
By Lewis Carroll, edited by Amirouche Moktefi and Francine F. Abeles
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 289-13
The Making of 'What the Tortoise Said to Achilles': Lewis Carroll's Logical Investigations Towards a Workable Theory of Hypotheticals
By Amirouche Moktefi and Francine F. Abeles
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 2814-47
Lessons from Lewis Carroll's Paradox of Inference
By Mathieu Marion
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 2848-75
What Did Lewis Carroll Think the Tortoise Said to Achilles?
By George Englebretsen
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 2876-83
The Philosophical Significance of Carroll's Regress
By Pascal Engel
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 2884-111
Required by Logic
By John Woods
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 28112-124
What the Tortoise Said to Achilles: A Selective Bibliography
By Clare Imholtz and Amirouche Moktefi}
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 28125-136
On the Appreciation of Carroll's Logic by Philip Jourdain and Bertrand Russell
By Ivor Grattan-Guinness
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 3057-64

OA = Original Article. RD = Reprinted Document.

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