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Topic: Oxford Matters

Published Articles

C.L. Dodgson at Christ Church
By J.F.A. Mason
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 33-18
C.L. Dodgson's Childhood Playmate and Lifelong Friend: Thomas Vere Bayne
By John Mason
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 153-14
Charles LLoyd, Bishop of Oxford 1827-9, and his Family
By John Mason
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 1625-31
Had H.P. Liddon Changed His Views on "Going to the Theatre"?
By Katsuko Kasai
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 187-13
Who was Baxter, the Oxford Printer?
By Edward Wakeling
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 2011-13
Carroll, Cotton and Colonization: The Source for The Hunting of the Snark
By John Wing
OAThe Carrollian, Issue 2038-42

OA = Original Article.

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