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Any individual or institution may subscribe to The Carrollian, simply by becoming a member of The Lewis Carroll Society. This is done by paying an annual membership fee as set out below.

In addition to receiving The Carrollian, subscribers receive two other Lewis Carroll Society publications and other benefits. These are fully described on the Membership Page of main Lewis Carroll Society website.

Orders should be sent, with payment (see notes below) to:
The Carrollian, 9 Hampden Road, Harrow, HA3 5PP, UK

  UK Europe¹  World¹    
Institutions    £40.00   £45.00   £50.00
Individual Members            
 - Full Rate    £25.00   £30.00   £35.00
 - Reduced Rate ²   £20.00   £25.00   £30.00
 - Sponsoring Rate ³   £50.00   £55.00   £60.00

1.  All overseas despatches are sent by air mail.

2.  As a registered charity, the members of The Lewis Carroll Society believe in doing all they can make the journal as accessible as possible. The Reduced Rate is offered to retired members who feel that they would not be able to subscribe at the full rate.

3.  The Sponsoring Rate is a means by which members may pay an additional contribution to the Society's running costs. There are no extra physical benefits from paying at this rate, but without the generosity of the Sponsoring Members, the Society would not be able to publish as much as it does.


Methods of Payment

Back Issues

All back issues are available for purchase - most as copies from the original printing, although a few are only available as reprints. Click Here to order via the Lewis Carroll Society website.


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